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Making sure you’re up to date

If you haven’t been following the updates on the Facebook page or via Twitter (Why not!?) there have been a couple of items you’ve missed.

  • I did an interview with Stocks & Commodities magazine which will be published in the October issue. The focus was on forex trading and markets. The October issue is handed out to attendees at the Vegas Futures and Forex Expo in late September. That’s the one I’m presenting at on September 25th.
  • I’ve begun reading the book Buy – Don’t Hold by Leslie Masonson. When I’m done I’ll post a review.
  • Trading FAQs contributor Billy Williams has an article in this month’s Futures Magazine: How to find stock market trends.
  • I took on the Chief Market Analyst at Currensee on his ideas for what the Fed should do.

I use Facebook and Twitter for quick hit sort of updates – stuff which generally doesn’t warrant a blog post of its own. Make sure you’re following one or both to stay updated.

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Professional Multimedia Market News & Information Free

My employer, Thomson Reuters, is making a really big push on a new multimedia content platform that’s unlike anything currently out there. It is Reuters Insider and they call it

A revolutionary new video experience with programming from Reuters and 150+ trusted content partners targeted specifically to financial professionals.

I am not specifically involved with Insider, but no doubt my market analysis and commentary will be part of the offerings moving forward. It looks like a wide array of the company’s news and information efforts will be reflected in this new platform in one way or another. Some of the other contributors are CNBC, Citibank, Nomura and Roubini Global Economics.

Imagine having your own personal multimedia channel that knew exactly what’s important to you – the financial professional.

A channel that delivered breaking news, valuable insights and actionable analysis … on the topics that truly impact your business … around the clock … no matter where you are.

Insider has just been launched, so I haven’t had too much of a chance to dig into the platform yet. What I have seen so far, though, does look pretty cool. Definitely give it a look. Registration and access are totally free, and I think will stay that way for most of the year if I heard correctly.

News & Updates

Looking Back on a Good 2009

I realize I’m doing this a little bit early, but I’ve got a lot of work to do over the New Years weekend on the site and other projects, so I wanted to get this posted will I’ve got the time and opportunity to do so.

I’m looking at the 2009 traffic figures for this site. Google tells me there’s been about 106,000 unique visitors and 234,000 page views in the last 12 months. I realize that’s no match for the most popular sites on the web, even in the trading space, but if someone had told me back in 2006 when I started this thing that’s where I’d be, I’d have been quite surprised.

Here’s where it get’s really cool, though. The number of unique visitors was nearly double the 2008 tally (54,000), and page views were about 65% higher (142,000 last year). Very nice growth if I do say so myself. 🙂

Now here are the 10 biggest reasons why the traffic has been up. These are the ten most popular posts from 2009 based on page views, comments, link backs, etc.

I’m a little bit surprised by a couple of the ones which landed in the top 10, especially the book reviews, but I can only report what people have most wanted to read and/or comment about.

Here’s hoping things continue along the same path in 2010. The next blog post will come after a site revamp that I’m doing to improve visitor’s ability to find just what they are looking for on the site. As always, your thoughts and feedback are both welcome and encouraged.

Best wishes for 2010!

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What are your favorite trading websites?

I want to conduct a bit of an informal poll of readers. As you’ve no doubt seen, I follow several bloggers and use a few different websites for trading information, thoughts, commentary, and the like. I know, however, that I’m only looking at a tiny fraction of what’s out there. New stuff is always being introduced and it’s just about impossible for anyone to keep up with it all.

With that in mind I wanted to hear from readers to see what I might be missing, and by extension what’s out there that other readers might want find useful.

So call this an informal poll. 🙂

Please leave a comment below with any blogs or sites (free only in this case please) you look to regularly for information, analysis, or anything else trading-related. Or, if you’d prefer, use the contact form to send them in to me. And don’t feel like you shouldn’t mention a site because someone before you did already. When I aggregate the input I will be taking popularity into consideration, so total votes matter.

Thanks in advance!

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Some Good Entries From Fellow Members of the Blogosphere

A couple of recent posts by fellow bloggers caught my attention and I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy! 🙂

The Definitive Guide To Trading Mastery & Success by Babak at Trader’s Narrative is a very good look at what it takes to make it in trading over the long-term. He lays out quite clearly why becoming a good trader takes time – it’s not likely to happen overnight.

Ray Barros wrote Steps to Trading Success, which follows along a similar path, although from a different angle.

Andrew over at The Disciplined Trader did a podcast with Jack Schwager of Market Wizards fame. Schwager shares his views on current events, like bank bailouts, so it’s not all about Wizards stuff, but there’s a bit of that as well.

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly had a guest poster offer up Investing 101: How Bonds Work. From the beginning of this blog I have suggested that traders become familiar with the bond market (see An Introduction to the Fixed Income Market). Granted I’m thinking more in terms of how interest rates drive much of what goes on in stocks and forex, and even commodities, and this post is more about investing. It has value nonetheless, as most of us don’t just operate in the markets as traders, but also as investors as well. Also check out the Direct Stock Purchase Plans: A Better Way to Invest. It talks about dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) which is actually how I got my start in the stock market as a youth. The Behavior Gap: The Psychology of Investing is and interesting read too.

Mark Wolfinger, who has been known to leave a comment on this blog from time to time did a guest post on Stock Trading to Go entitled How to Make the Best Option Trades, 6 Keys to Success. It’s a good basic laying out of how things work in options trading, particularly in the case of expiration and exercise.

Do You Really Have To Know Anything To Make Money On The Stock Market? at The Financial Blogger is another post which has more of an investing focus than a trading one, but it presents some useful information.

In terms of financial and economic education, Jeremy at Generation X Finance posted 20 Free Online Finance Courses – Take Money Classes From the Comfort of Your Home. It’s a list of college courses available online (free) from some of the most prominent universities around.

And of course I cannot offer up a list of blog posts to check out without including one from Brett Steenbarger. To that end, I encourage you to read Why Can’t I Follow My Trading Plans?

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An Inquiry for Active Forex Traders

I need to do a some research for my employer. If you’re an active forex trader, I would like to ask you for a little bit of help with that research. I just need answers to a few questions. Feel free to answer directly using the comment form below. Alternately, you can submit your answers by email to author (at)

The first question is really part of the quick survey:

What broker do you use?

Now here are the real questions:

1) What short-term trading resources do you use in your trading? By this I mean information and data sources and other tools you use to stay up on market events and make your trading decisions.

2) What short-term trading resources or info do you not currently have access to, but would like.

3) What format(s) of information distribution do you prefer – text, audio, video, live chat, etc.

Your input is most appreciated.


News & Updates

Don’t be that guy

I want to make a statement about comment posting.

First of all, I always encourage readers to comment on any post I write. The discussion part of blogging is potentially the most rewarding aspect of it – at least for me. It lets me know I’m writing stuff of interest to my readers and helps me to be more clear with what I’m trying to put out there. A good discussion also allows the presentation of altering points of view, which is always important since we all look at things a bit differently at times.

So by all means leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Now, having said that, a quick word on spamming.

If you have a link to include which clearly contributes to the discussion, then certainly include it. I welcome that sort of thing, and even encourage it. Don’t put in a comment if all you’re going to do is link to your own site and provide absolutely nothing of value, though. My spam filter catches most of those and I will delete any others that look to be nothing more than click fishing expeditions.

And yes, I do check the links if I’m at all suspicious.

I’m probably wasting my breath here (metaphorically speaking), as much of the comment spam I see is of an automated nature and almost all of that is caught by the spam filter. I just needed to vent a little after yet another individual posted a comment which was nothing more than “I agree, so come look at my site.”

Venting complete! 🙂