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Forex Trading Volume Still Rising

Reports on trading volume in the North American and London markets were released on Monday. They show continued growth in the markets, which likely won’t surprise anyone at this point.

North America
Average daily forex volume hit $772bln/day in October 2010. That’s up 2.3% from April 2010 and a new record. EUR/USD volume accounted for $258bln of that flow, just a bit under 1/3rd of the total. Interestingly, USD/MXN saw the biggest increase in volume. It jumped 26% from April.

New York sees about 20% of the global forex trading volume each day.

Daily forex trading volume reached $1.82trln in October. That’s up 8% from April. Spot trading was up 11%. About a third of daily volume in the foreign exchange market goes through London.

The only Asian figures I’ve seen were for Sydney, which posted a 2% rise in volume from April to October.