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A forex trading interview

I’m finally on YouTube!

Well, at least my voice and a somewhat dated picture of me have made it there. I did an interview about forex trading yesterday with Jason Decks which he recorded and has posted. Being immersed in my PhD work, I hadn’t done an interview like this in a while, but I think it went pretty well.

The interview was mainly aimed at new and developing traders, but it does cover some broader ground, including some discussion of forex trader performance and what I’ve found in my research.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

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Video Interviews from the Futures & Forex Expo

While I was at the Futures & Forex Expo last month out in Vegas I did a group of short interviews with Tim Bourquin. Each focused on one question/topic related to trading. Most were forex related, but not all. 

I just received the links from the Expo folks to share the clips with you. Here they are.

What Percentage of Forex Traders Make Money?
Don’t Fear the New FX Trading Rules
A Seasonal Play Any Forex Trader Can Take
How to Find the Best Market to Trade

Enjoy. Questions and comments are welcome and encouraged.

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Professional Forex Analyst Interview

A short while back I did an interview with one of the Content Editors (a position I held a while back) at Trade2Win. It’s part of a series they have been doing talking to people who work in the financial markets. In my case the focus was on being a forex analyst.

The interview was recently posted on the T2W. I’m not sure if any kind of registration is required or not, but it’s located here.

It was a recorded interview done via Skype, so there’s an audio link as well as a transcript.