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It’s gold Jerry!

OK, I don’t normally make old television references, but in this case I couldn’t help myself. A reader of my Trader FAQs book just sent me this:

“I’m sitting reading your book and I just have to tell you that SO far it’s REALLY good.  It’s invaluable really (and even after all this time spent there are things that are being made clearer to me simply by virtue of the fact that they’re being CLEARLY explained by people who KNOW what they’re talking about)!!!  It’s ‘Gold’ for a new trader.”

This particular gentleman – who’s been in the market for a while – is from South Africa, so I’m not sure if he’s familiar with Seinfeld. I was never a massive fan myself, but I couldn’t help picturing Banya saying “it’s gold” to Jerry in one episode and chuckling a bit to myself.

In all seriousness, though, the feedback for the FAQ has been fantastic! I heard good things from the contributors as they saw it develop, of course, but it’s a whole other thing when the people who can actually get the most value of the book are so enthusiastic. Another email that came in recently said “The FAQ is a great value because for what is probably less than the hourly wage of most middle class people, you save hours of researching to get the same or better answers.” I was really pumped to read that because it’s EXACTLY the purpose of the book – to save people all the time and effort of having to dig around to find answers to common questions, and to not really know how worthwhile those answers were when they got them.

Anyway, give the Trader FAQs a look. Check out the questions and contributors and take a peak inside.

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Answering Trading Questions Taken to the Next Level

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ll know that I answer a lot of trading questions here. I also answer them regularly on trading forums like Trade2Win and BabyPips. Call them Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). All that question answering motivated me to begin a new book project. After a couple of years of fits and starts, I’ve finally got there with my new book, New Trader FAQs.

This new book is a collection of more than 50 of those FAQs with answers to each an every one. Among some of the bigger questions are:

  • How much money can I make trading?
  • When do I know I’m ready to start live trading?
  • What books should a new trader read?
  • Should I quit my job and trade full-time?
  • Do I have to accept some big losses in the beginning?
  • How long does it take to make a stable trading income?
  • What is the percentage of people who succeed in trading?

To answer all the questions in the most useful and informative way, I’ve brought in about a dozen highly experienced traders and market professionals to help. Some you will no doubt recognize (such as Brett Steenbarger). Others may be new to you. All of them know their business and how to communicate. Several have authored books. Almost all are active traders. Some are professionals, while others started with small accounts and ran them up to sizable portfolios.

In short, these are folks you can learn from.

And don’t think this is just for brand new traders. As one recent reviewer commented, the book addresses questions and problems that are heard regularly from traders that have even been trading for 5+ years. It’s for anyone who considers him or herself a developing trader.

I encourage you to learn more at The book is available today.

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New Trader FAQ Coming Together Nicely

I’ve been working on a project to bring together the most commonly asked new and developing trader questions all in one place with a collection of answers to them as a great reference. It took me a while to really get the ball rolling, but now it is and the hill is starting to tip down. Momentum is building nicely.

I have a great collection of contributors committed to help provide great answers to the questions. Here’s the alphabetical list as it stands today (myself excluded, of course):

It also looks like I’m going to have someone from eFinancialCareers contribute answers to the questions on the list covering trading jobs and careers.

This is a great collection of trading and educating experience, but I’m not done yet. I’ve got others on my radar screen. I want to make this as useful and valuable a resource as possible, so I’m out to include a wide array of perspectives and experience to each reader will have at least one view on things they can relate to in the answers provided.

Want to be a part of the project? Or know someone who might be a really good addition to the list above? Send me a note or leave a comment below.