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Phase I of my PhD finally complete!

Yesterday I got official word from the university that my PhD thesis has been accepted for examination. Oh, happy day! 🙂

I finally have a complete thesis after three years of research, running an untold number of regressions and other forms of statistical analysis, and writing. It’s about 75,000 words in length.

Don’t start calling me Dr. Forman just yet, though.

The next step in the process is what is known as my viva. It’s roughly equivalent to what in the US system would be called a defense. I have an internal examiner who is on the faculty at my own university (Exeter) and an external one from another university (Reading, in this case). They are both being provided copies of my thesis to review. In early December I will meet with the two of them to talk about it all, at which point they will tell me their judgement. Basically, that’s one of three results:

  • Accepted as is
  • Accepted with minor corrections
  • Accepted with major corrections

Most people get the second one, which is meant to include edits not expected to take more than 12 weeks. Generally speaking, if you fall into the last category you have some major work to do and your supervisor(s) probably shouldn’t have let you submit.

Odds are, I’ll end up in the second category, so some time in early 2016 I should be done once and for all.

The is academia, though, so you never really stop. Between now and my viva I need to develop at least one publishable paper out of my thesis content, and potentially two.

From a non-academic perspective, I want to finally get down to developing something of practical use to traders based on my work, and a bit of extra analysis I want to do.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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