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What are your trader performance questions?

What are your questions about trader performance? My goal for this year is to start to provide real numbers and indications of performance influencing factors

For about as long as I’ve been involved in trading, the question of the profitability of traders has been an open one. There have been all kinds of numbers thrown out, like 95% of traders fail. About two years ago, early in my PhD research, I compiled some figures that start to answer the profitability question. I want to take things to a higher level, though, and really dig into the subject in a practical, useful fashion.

To that end I want to ask you something:

What are your questions about trader performance and trading success rates?

Depending on how much material I develop on the subject I will either put it into a book or maybe a series of reports. Either way, my objective will be to finally shine some light on how traders really do in the markets and at least provide some indication of the things that drive performance.

So feel free to leave ideas on things you’d like to see or questions you have answered via comment below, on Facebook, or hit me up on Twitter.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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