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Budding student trader query

The following was posting on a trading forum site.

Hello all, im looking to start trading, i am going to try trading full time in July and August and then part time when i return to university in September. I have £1000 set aside to begin do you think this is adequate? I am going to take an aggressive approach and risk £300 per trade but pick my trades very carefully.

Just by way of clarification, this person is looking at stock trading.

How would you respond to this post?

2 replies on “Budding student trader query”

This is a great strategy for someone who wants to make lots of money – or lose his entire stake. In other words, he is setting up a gambling business.

What I find to be pitiful is that he plans to pick his trades ‘very carefully’. Why do amateurs believe they know which stocks are moving higher or lower?

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