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My employer, Thomson Reuters, is making a really big push on a new multimedia content platform that’s unlike anything currently out there. It is Reuters Insider and they call it

A revolutionary new video experience with programming from Reuters and 150+ trusted content partners targeted specifically to financial professionals.

I am not specifically involved with Insider, but no doubt my market analysis and commentary will be part of the offerings moving forward. It looks like a wide array of the company’s news and information efforts will be reflected in this new platform in one way or another. Some of the other contributors are CNBC, Citibank, Nomura and Roubini Global Economics.

Imagine having your own personal multimedia channel that knew exactly what’s important to you – the financial professional.

A channel that delivered breaking news, valuable insights and actionable analysis … on the topics that truly impact your business … around the clock … no matter where you are.

Insider has just been launched, so I haven’t had too much of a chance to dig into the platform yet. What I have seen so far, though, does look pretty cool. Definitely give it a look. Registration and access are totally free, and I think will stay that way for most of the year if I heard correctly.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading