Trader Resources

An Inquiry for Active Forex Traders

I need to do a some research for my employer. If you’re an active forex trader, I would like to ask you for a little bit of help with that research. I just need answers to a few questions. Feel free to answer directly using the comment form below. Alternately, you can submit your answers by email to author (at)

The first question is really part of the quick survey:

What broker do you use?

Now here are the real questions:

1) What short-term trading resources do you use in your trading? By this I mean information and data sources and other tools you use to stay up on market events and make your trading decisions.

2) What short-term trading resources or info do you not currently have access to, but would like.

3) What format(s) of information distribution do you prefer – text, audio, video, live chat, etc.

Your input is most appreciated.