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Where can I find this forex data?

A reader by the name of Tom submitted the following question about forex and related market data.  

Hi John

Big Fan of your work. I hope you dont mind if I ask this question as I am still relatively new
at trading the fx markets.

I was wondering where would be a good source of market data. Im looking specifically for the interest yields for the treasuries of different countries (Euro, GBP, Japan, Aus etc) in order to analyze and trade their currency as forward rates can be used as an approx to central bank moves.

I am also looking for data on the fx futures market particularly the open interest.

My broker provides a report on this sort of thing yet I am not too comfortable solely relying on them for my analysis.

I’ve tried looking at however their interface isnt exactly user friendly. I was wondering if you would know any free sites that chart this data?

Many thanks

There are loads of sources for market data on fx futures. It just depends on whether you want a feed or just to look at a chart or a figure. If it’s the latter, a really good site is FutureSource. The site has loads of futures information, including both quotes and charts. Back in the day I used to actually trade the market intraday off those free charts (it’s delayed data, but I didn’t need real-time pricing for my purposes).

There is, of course, also the weekly Commitment of Traders Report. That’s released weekly by the CFTC, and includes a breakdown of positioning by the different types of forex futures market participants.

As for global interest rate data, I’ll admit that Bloomberg is generally the first place I go when I want to look them up – which really isn’t that often. The Financial Times site has some of that information. There’s also stuff on the Wall Street Journal site. The Interest Calculator on the Oanda FXTrade site might be useful.

Hopefully that helps. I encourage others who know of additional resources to leave a link in a comment.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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Oanda Forex history page is the best source, but it caters to data requirements for limited period and does not handle more than 2000 days history in one query. Another very good option is Yahoo Finance, where downloading currency / commodity / stocks / bonds data in .csv format is very easy and it goes back to a very long history. In case of stocks and bonds, it covers the data from the date of listing.