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Catching up after a bad long weekend

I’ve been a bit under the weather of late, so I’m in catch-up mode when it comes to answering questions which have been submitted to me. There have been a couple of very good ones, which I will definitely be getting to shortly. In the meantime, I’ve seen some interesting stuff from my fellow bloggers I thought were worth sharing.

One interesting bit comes from Brett Steenbarger. He periodically takes a look at his blog‘s readership with the view of it being a contrary indicator. The idea is that when readership spikes it indicates traders’ feeling the strain and looking for answers. Brett isn’t the only one to have made that observation. His latest observation is “The pattern of readership of late has been consistent with tops, not bottoms, in the market.” This fits in well with what I’ve seen in terms of the Commitment of Traders data and the VIX.

Brett also posted The Psychology of Mechanical Trading Systems. As much as I am primarily a discretionary trader, I’ve long had an interest in the mechanical side of things. The common reason many folks speak in favor of trading mechanically is taking the emotion out. There are some good arguments that one can never really do that completely.

The theme of my Those Who Can’t Trade Teach post from a couple weeks back has been picked up by Ray Barros. He’s posted a two partner on his blog: Can Teachers Trade – l? and Can Teachers Trade – II?. I’m going to get back to that subject before too long here as there have been a number of good comments to my initial post worth addressing. Ray makes very good points as well.

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