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Why I do this trading education thing

I’m going to share with you today a two stories that comes from my volleyball coaching which I think are directly applicable to the trading education stuff I do. It ties in a bit with the discussions that have taken place around the “those who can’t teach” subject (which I will circle back to again later) and the overall idea in trading that those who know don’t share.

The first story is the event that really hooked me on coaching. It was while I was still in high school, during my senior year when I helped out with the girls junior varsity squad. One of the players was having problems controlling her serve. It was strong, but very erratic. I suggested to her that she make one change, which she did, and after that she became far and away the best server on the team.

I thought that was the coolest thing ever! I’d help someone reach their potential. It was a fantastic feeling.

The other story is from the first year I coached a college team it was for a two-year school. We had a pretty good season and reached a few milestones the program had not reached before. At the end of the campaign we lost the conference championship match. Obviously, the players were a bit down.

After the match we had them huddled together and share some information, specifically who had been selected to the All-Conference team. One of those chosen was a second year player named Jess. She had only started playing competitive volleyball the year before, but was a natural athlete. Even still, she always had confidence issues. She certainly never thought of herself as one of the best players in the conference. When we made the announcement, the look on her face was priceless. Her jaw literally dropped, she was so surprised.

Jess walked out of the gym that day like she was on a cloud. I will always remember that. It’s days like that which really make coaching so great – at least to me.

I’d be willing to guess that anyone who really enjoys coaching or teaching and does it well has their own comparable stories. I know I’ve heard some of them over the years.

The feeling I have when coaching volleyball is the same one I have when helping traders. I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping people learn and develop. This private message I received from one of the guys who runs the BabyPips site is exactly why I do what I do.

Greetings John,

I know this message is coming a bit late and well overdue, but thank you for all you have contributed to our forums. I know you’ve helped out many, not just the countless new comers that have come across your posts, but also the experienced and myself. Also, your book has become one of my go to guides for trading fundamentals.

We wish you the best of luck and great success in all of you endeavors, and we hope to see you back soon. Thanks!


It’s awesome to hear how much of an impact people feel I’ve had through my efforts teaching and communicating with traders.

Actually, one of the things that always surprises me a little bit – though maybe I should be getting used to it by now – is how highly so many different folks think of my work. I see endorsements of myself and what I’m doing in some very interesting places at times. Notoriety has never been a focus of mine, but it is nice to know that my name is being brought up very positively when the subject of trading education is mentioned. I guess I must be doing something right. 🙂

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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