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Don’t be that guy

I want to make a statement about comment posting.

First of all, I always encourage readers to comment on any post I write. The discussion part of blogging is potentially the most rewarding aspect of it – at least for me. It lets me know I’m writing stuff of interest to my readers and helps me to be more clear with what I’m trying to put out there. A good discussion also allows the presentation of altering points of view, which is always important since we all look at things a bit differently at times.

So by all means leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Now, having said that, a quick word on spamming.

If you have a link to include which clearly contributes to the discussion, then certainly include it. I welcome that sort of thing, and even encourage it. Don’t put in a comment if all you’re going to do is link to your own site and provide absolutely nothing of value, though. My spam filter catches most of those and I will delete any others that look to be nothing more than click fishing expeditions.

And yes, I do check the links if I’m at all suspicious.

I’m probably wasting my breath here (metaphorically speaking), as much of the comment spam I see is of an automated nature and almost all of that is caught by the spam filter. I just needed to vent a little after yet another individual posted a comment which was nothing more than “I agree, so come look at my site.”

Venting complete! 🙂

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading