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When being an on-air expert ends up being a flop

Well, the BBC interview last night was a mixed experience. While my time on air was fine, the producers dropped the ball.

It started off with them not calling me for the pre-interview before-hand by the time they said they would. That created a situation where they were trying to call me while I was in transit, which of course means I didn’t get the calls (three of them to different voice mail accounts) and ended up having to call them (in the U.K.) well after the agreed upon time to get that thing done.

Then, despite the fact that I was specifically asked for title and affiliation information before going on the air, they didn’t use it. I was introduced as Equity Analyst John Forman, or something like that. Unless someone knew who I was ahead of time, they wouldn’t have had a clue listening to the program. Considering this was set up through my employer, the fact that the company wasn’t even mentioned made it a completely useless exercise for the firm.

Personally, it was positive experience for me to be on the program. Those sorts of media things are almost always good practice. I just can’t imagine it did much to expand my profile, though, since all I ended up being was a name and a voice talking about Wachovia and the banking sector.

Oh well. There will be other opportunities in the future, for sure.

Actually, to that end, if you’re ever looking for someone to speak about trading or investing to your group, be on a webcast or conference call, do an interview, or whatever, feel free to contact me. I can talk on a great many different subjects.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading