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Trader’s Wish List – Fourth Installment

Here’s the next installment of my list of gift recommendations for traders.

Actually, today it’s not just one item for today. It’s a collection.

Paul Erdman is perhaps the premier author of financial markets fiction. He has published a quite a few excellent books. They combine very entertaining and enjoyable reads with incredible market insight. In fact, his stories have, over the years, been viewed as predictive of developments that eventually came to pass.

Here are some of Erdman’s titles:

Erdman, though, does not restrict himself to only writing fiction, though. He has authored a great many articles on the market and global finance, and some books as well. His most recent is The Great Unravelling, a book he co-authored with Pal Krugman. It is a discussion of the markets of the late 1990s in to the early part of the 2000s.

I have personally read and thoroughly enjoyed a handful of Erdman’s fiction books (Zero Coupon was my first, and it hooked me!) and one of his non-fiction works. Several others are on my own personal wish list.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

5 replies on “Trader’s Wish List – Fourth Installment”

am a fan.
why aren’t the links in consecutive order for your wish lists?
am reading them systematically but can’t find no 3.
or should I just ignore the earlier ones and stick with the latest?

I went looking for installments in order.
I could not find 3 at all!
was interested in the chronology of your thought.
your middle comment link in your reply does not take me back to the post.

just minor website issue really.
does not detract from your clear training or tips.
will get back to seriously reading your book and working through Oanda.
a very great service, thank you.

The comment link just worked for me so I’m not sure what problem you’re having. It wasn’t supposed to take you back to anything but rather to the post containing links to all of the Wish List installments.

Here are the raw links.

Full Wish List:
Installment #3:

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