Trading Articles

Here is a collection of articles focusing on topics related to trading and investing, with a focus on new and novice traders. They should be considered be considered an excellent educational basis for developing your trading foundation.

Ten New Trader Pitfalls
In this article I offer ten ways to avoid trouble in the markets.

How the Financial Markets Can Grow More than Just Your Bank Account
The financial markets provide us with the opportunity to grow in ways that most people probably do not even think about.

Trading vs. Investing
Are trading and investing different things? If so, in what way?

Trader Development:  The Value of Coaching and the Difficulty of Finding One
On the cost/benefit analysis of trader coaching and the challenges of finding a good coach, teacher, or mentor.

Trading Courses: Save Your Money!
Some advice and suggestions to consider before spending money on trading education, tools, or systems.

Getting Started Trading Forex
A look at the basics of trading the foreign exchange (forex) market.



More on the way.