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New Trading and Investing Education Efforts Coming

A couple of weeks ago I posted a survey of sorts about trading podcasts. Thanks to those of you who provided some thoughts on the subject. It has all been quite useful. This is a project I am working with Corey from to get developed. He put something up on his blog a little after I did, and got some good responses as well. We’re quite excited about pulling this project together.

Corey and I will be talking on Sunday about things, but I think we’re going toward a weekly program of about an hour in length. We’ll likely segment the show into a couple of parts to allow us to talk about current market events and views and broader trading/investing education subjects.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, by all means leave a comment.

The other thing I’m probably going to soon be starting on – as if I don’t have a whole slew of other things on my plate – is a trader FAQ. This would probably be a book concept. I get loads of questions by email and through the site, and I answer others on forum sites all the time. There are several which are repeatedly asked by new traders. It’s about time they all got compiled in one place for easy reference, so that’s what I’m looking to do – probably with some help. It might take me forever to actually get it done otherwise.

Want to help get me started? Let me know what questions you think are the ones most common to new traders? Leave a comment with your thoughts.