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I follow a large number of trading/markets related blogs and websites. When I find stuff I think is worth sharing, but that I won’t be addressing with my own blog post in response I share them on on Facebook and Twitter. These are the ones I posted in May for readers who didn’t see them on the other channels.

This gives a pretty good idea of the illusion created by the government’s intervention in the housing market. 
Zillow: See the Worst Home Prices Drop Since 2008

Alternatives for getting in on the China currency trade are expanding. 
Yuan forex options trading allowed – implications for the retail forex market

Here’s a really good behind-the-scenes view of a forex brokerage operation
Forex Brokers – Tales from the Back Office How Brokers View Clients

Ray Barros (FAQ contributor) addresses the trader failure rate 
92% Traders Lose Money Blog for Trading Success

FAQ contributor Ray Barros talks trading expectancy. 
Expectancy Return Blog for Trading Success

A very good look at why the stock market is up so much since Bernanke gave us QEII. 
Debunking the Myth of the QE II Rally

Hat tip to Barry Ritholtz for pointing this one out. 
On the Floor Laughing: Traders Are Having a New Kind of Fun

Glad to know I’m not the only experience trader who makes the occassional bone-headed mistake.
Traders and Errors

One perspective on the stages of options education
Educating an options trader

Some interesting charts looking at currency valuations 
Currency Valuations: Charting Which is Under/Over Valued

IB Times retail forex trading award winners for 2011

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