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I follow a large number of trading/markets related blogs and websites. When I find stuff I think is worth sharing, but that I won’t be addressing with my own blog post in response I share them on on Facebook and Twitter. These are the ones I posted in February for readers who didn’t see them on the other channels.

I hadn’t ripped on anyone in a while, but in this Currensee post I did.
The High Cost of Listening to the Investment Community Talk Forex

Caution: Only for those willing to engage their grey matter. :-)
Understanding Markets: Nature not Naivety or Narcissism

Another one for those not shy about applying a bit of brain power to their reading.
The Quant Delusion

Something interesting to think about.
Brokers as Fiduciaries

Love this: “Financial theories written in mathematical notation – aka models – imply a false sense of precision.”
Simoleon Sense » Emanuel Derman and Paul Wilmott: Financial Models Must Be Clean….

I watched the film Dealers again Saturday night. Haven’t seen it in ages, but enjoyed it just as much as I remembered.
Dealers: Paul McGann, Rebecca De Mornay..

Here’s a listing of registered US forex brokers
CFTC / NFA Enhance Regulation of Forex. Investigation is targeting unregistered firms and “slippage.

The title alone make this one worth checking out :-)
When Muddled Modellers Model Muddles

I can’t help ask how lazy these folks are to apparently not check the rates on the transactions being made given how readily available pricing information is these days.
Banks cheat large investment firms in currency rates

Any users of this service want to share their experience?
Automated analytical tool for your forex trading account, Social forex community | Myfxbook

Ray Barros provides a very good example of why you cannot trust high win % trading systems.
Evaluating Trading Systems

Do we really need a double short TIPS ETF?
ProShares Launches UltraShort TIPS Fund (TPS)

I think somebody’s late to the game. The carry trade never left, but exchange rate volatility has certainly made it more interesting.
The Return of the Carry Trade?

The time slot for this show makes me wonder about its chance for success.
CNBC Launches “Money In Motion Currency Trading” A New Program To Air Fridays Starting 25th February

For those Oanda traders (or would-be ones) looking to use MetaTrader.
A look at the Advanced Oanda-MT Bridge

This could be very problematic for the mortgage industry, tending to drag the issues with the housing market out further.
Merscorp Has No Right to Transfer Mortgages, U.S. Judge Says

I wonder how this is going to do and whether other brokers will follow.
Go for Gold accounts with Alpari (UK)

This is something that’s been getting a fair amount of press lately.
FDIC-Insured Bank Accounts Holding Chinese Renminbi (CNY) (RMB)

Do you know how to take a loss?
The Big Loss

What are your trading expectations?
What is Trading Success?

Not really any “secrets” here.
The Secret to Valuing Options

This is the academic debate I’ll be wading into before long. Can you guess on what side? ;-)
Are stock prices determined by facts or human nature?

I’ve said it many times, but it’s worth repeating.
To Thine Own Self be True

A bit lengthy, but interesting nevertheless.
Equity Research Fragmentation

I’ve actually done this!
If Universities Really Want To Prepare Students For The Real World, They Need To Teach Trading

By the way, I forgot to note yesterday that this blog has now crossed the 700 post threshold and is nearly to 1300 comments. Both numbers would be higher, but over time I have pared away stuff that I didn’t thinks was of much on-going use.

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