Some Good Entries From Fellow Members of the Blogosphere

A couple of recent posts by fellow bloggers caught my attention and I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy! :-)

The Definitive Guide To Trading Mastery & Success by Babak at Trader’s Narrative is a very good look at what it takes to make it in trading over the long-term. He lays out quite clearly why becoming a good trader takes time – it’s not likely to happen overnight.

Ray Barros wrote Steps to Trading Success, which follows along a similar path, although from a different angle.

Andrew over at The Disciplined Trader did a podcast with Jack Schwager of Market Wizards fame. Schwager shares his views on current events, like bank bailouts, so it’s not all about Wizards stuff, but there’s a bit of that as well.

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly had a guest poster offer up Investing 101: How Bonds Work. From the beginning of this blog I have suggested that traders become familiar with the bond market (see An Introduction to the Fixed Income Market). Granted I’m thinking more in terms of how interest rates drive much of what goes on in stocks and forex, and even commodities, and this post is more about investing. It has value nonetheless, as most of us don’t just operate in the markets as traders, but also as investors as well. Also check out the Direct Stock Purchase Plans: A Better Way to Invest. It talks about dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) which is actually how I got my start in the stock market as a youth. The The Financial Literacy Compendium post is a good one too on the general financial wellfare subject, and Behavior Gap: The Psychology of Investing is and interesting read too.

Mark Wolfinger, who has been known to leave a comment on this blog from time to time did a guest post on Stock Trading to Go entitled How to Make the Best Option Trades, 6 Keys to Success. It’s a good basic laying out of how things work in options trading, particularly in the case of expiration and exercise.

Do You Really Have To Know Anything To Make Money On The Stock Market? at The Financial Blogger is another post which has more of an investing focus than a trading one, but it presents some useful information.

In terms of financial and economic education, Jeremy at Generation X Finance posted 20 Free Online Finance Courses – Take Money Classes From the Comfort of Your Home. It’s a list of college courses available online (free) from some of the most prominent univerisities around.

And of course I cannot offer up a list of blog posts to check out without including one from Brett Steenbarger. To that end, I encourage you to read Why Can’t I Follow My Trading Plans?

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  1. MN says:

    I agree 100%

    This is why I love Oanda.

    In no other market (or any other broker for that matter) is trading education via the school of hard knocks so cheap

  2. John says:

    MN – Ummmmm…..You agree with what? Oanda isn’t mentioned in this post. Did you leave this comment in the wrong place?

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