How do I decide which support and resistance levels are significant?

Here’s a trader question on the subject of support and resistance.

I am having trouble deciding where to draw support and resistance lines on a one day forex chart. To me it seems that you could go to extremes and draw support / resistance lines from every fractal. How do I decide which s/r levels are significant?

Support and Resistance is definitely a topic a lot of traders struggle with – and not just new ones.

Technical analysts and traders will throw out  a lot of different things they say tell you what you should be looking at. They include highs and lows. They include moving average lines. They include Fibonacci and other projection/retracement levels. While it’s definitely true that if the market is focused on something as a key level, then it becomes a key level – a self-fullfilling prophecy.

Most of that stuff is really nothing more than a line on a chart, though. I personally prefer to look at where the markets have rejected prices, and also the attraction points because they absolutely play into the whole mix.

A little while back, I recorded a video highlighting the way I look at support and resistance to describe what you should have in mind what you’re really looking for to spot those levels. Check it out. I think it could really open your eyes.

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  1. Floyd says:

    The link for the video showing how to find support and resistance does not work. When I click on it I get sent to

  2. John says:

    Thanks Floyd. It’s fixed now.

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