Things took a quick turn

Things on the job front took a radical turn at the start of the month. That, though, doesn’t change my objectives for this year.


So a funny thing happened on the way to making my next major life transition in May. I had to start making it at the beginning of February! That’s why things went a bit quiet on the blog.

I was supposed to be in Sweden at least through April per the coaching contract I talked about in my New Year’s post. Rather abruptly, though, the club told me at the start of this month that they were terminating my contract. My coaching friends were stunned – even the ones in Sweden (maybe especially them). I was told “differences in coaching philosophy”. Some suggested the real reason was probably money, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. I was getting ready for a transition at season’s end. It just came a bit sooner than expected.

Unfortunately, because things happened this way I hadn’t really begun a proper job search. I was thinking I’d probably need to wait until at least the end of February to do that given likely time lines and expectations for when I’d start a new job.

So now I’m back in the States. I did have one poker in the fire before all this happened, so it might not be long before I have a new job. Or not. We’ll have to see.

The one thing that doesn’t change, though, is my intention to produce a revised version of The Essentials of Trading and to share with people my observations about the reality of trader performance based on my PhD research.

Oh, by the way. I’m now officially Dr. Forman. I found that out about two weeks ago. Everything has been approved and ratified and I’m now a full-fledged PhD. If you haven’t already had a look, here’s some details about my dissertation and how you can check it out.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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