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Most Popular Essentials of Trading Pages in 2012

Every year I like to look back and see which blog posts got the most readership. Here is the overall list, which includes a number of oldie-but-goodie entries.

  1. An Introduction to the Fixed Income Market
  2. Most Traded Currency Pairs
  3. Forex is a Scam!
  4. Most Active Currency Pairs
  5. My Top 5 Trading Books
  6. Should I Become a Chartered Market Technician?
  7. Misunderstanding the Bid/Ask Spread in Stock Trading
  8. Using Unusual Options Activity to Predict Stock Moves
  9. Is Trading for a Living Worthwhile?
  10. No More “Hedging” for Forex Traders

As for just among the posts written in 2012, here are the top reads:

  1. One Broker is so Nervous it’s Shutting Down
  2. Ten of the Leading Trader Mistakes
  3. What Trading Books do the Pros Read?
  4. Help to Avoid Setting Your Stops to Tight
  5. Has Trading Ever Made You Physically Ill?
  6. Technical Analysis in Manipulated Markets
  7. How to Tell if You’re Over-trading
  8. Trader Looking for Angel Investors
  9. If a System Works, Why Share it With the World
  10. New Book Out from Market Wizards Author Jack Schwager

For those wondering why none of those on the 2012 list are on the overall list, it comes down to search engine traffic to a large degree. The older posts are well established in Google, etc. and so bring in visitors who have done searches on specific subjects. The newer posts tend to just get immediate readership at the time of their posting, and beyond to the degree that they get shared around via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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