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I’m Floored by Amazing Feedback for the Trading FAQ

I received a pair of emails yesterday from readers of my new Trading FAQ book that blew me away. Let me share them with you. Here’s the first one.

I’ve only read chapters 1 to 4 and I must say it is one of the best if not the best work I’ve read on trading, its honest and provides years of experience to the reader. I’ve only been trading a few years, managed to keep my original capital, luckily, and I wish I read something like this years ago.

Wow! The best, or at least close to it? It’s hard not to be happy with that kind of response. The “honest” and “years of experience” parts are exactly what I was going for, so it’s good to hear that’s what’s coming across to the readers.

Here’s the one that really hit me, though:

For me it’s kind of a Market Wizards lite in the sense of getting to see how traders THINK and organize things in their heads.

Anyone who’s been following my writings and trading educational efforts for any period of time knows how highly I rate Jack Schwager’s Market Wizards books (which also includes The New Market Wizards). I always recommend them to new – and even not-so-new – traders when the topic of trading books comes up. Someone equating the FAQs book with Market Wizards, even just a little bit, is amazing to me. I consider it very high praise and it makes me blush. 🙂

I actually got to meet with and interview Jack Schwager back in 1992, shortly after the first Wizards book was published. I can’t imagine he had any idea how big it would become when he wrote the book. If my FAQ has even a tenth the impact Jack’s books have had, I will be a very satisfied author and educator.

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