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Thinking about trading the months to year-end

It’s almost September. That means the not just an end to the summer doldrums in the forex market (and some days have really been painful), but also the entry into a time of year full of repeating trading patterns. You can find out about them in Opportunities in Forex Calendar Trading Patterns, the research report that came out of my own trading of “seasonal patterns” in the currency market. There are times of year when certain pairs have moved in the same direction 75% of the time over the last 25+ years.

And lest you think the patterns don’t really add up to much, here’s the equity line for a very, very simple system I created based on those patterns.

The system plotted above was based on EUR/USD trading using dollar calendar patterns on a simple buy/sell at the start of the period and exit at the finish approach. No filters. No indicators. Nothing else. I just did it to demonstrate how influential the “seasonal” patterns in the forex market really can be. You can integrate the data into your own trading systems or strategies.

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By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading