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If you haven’t been following the updates on the Facebook page or via Twitter (Why not!?) there have been a couple of items you’ve missed.

  • I did an interview with Stocks & Commodities magazine which will be published in the October issue. The focus was on forex trading and markets. The October issue is handed out to attendees at the Vegas Futures and Forex Expo in late September. That’s the one I’m presenting at on September 25th.
  • I’ve begun reading the book Buy – Don’t Hold by Leslie Masonson. When I’m done I’ll post a review.
  • Trading FAQs contributor Billy Williams has an article in this month’s Futures Magazine: How to find stock market trends.
  • I took on the Chief Market Analyst at Currensee on his ideas for what the Fed should do.

I use Facebook and Twitter for quick hit sort of updates – stuff which generally doesn’t warrant a blog post of its own. Make sure you’re following one or both to stay updated.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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