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The other day I mentioned a pair of books that were new additions to my reading list. Thanks to my brother adding a few more books to my library, I have another pair that I will be reading and reviewing in the weeks ahead.

The first book is Making Sense of the Dollar: Exposing Dangerous Myths about Trade and Foreign Exchange by Marc Chandler. I think I’m going to tackle this one first, as it’s seems likely to be pretty relevant to current market events. From the Amazon description:

“Has the greenback really lost its preeminent place in the world? Not according to currency expert Marc Chandler, who explains why so many are–wrongly–pessimistic about both the dollar and the U.S. economy. Making Sense of the Dollar explores the many factors–trade deficits, the dollar’s role in the world, globalization, capitalism, and more–that affect the dollar and the U.S. economy and lead to the inescapable conclusion that both are much stronger than many people suppose.”

The other trading-related book my brother gifted me was Nerds on Wall Street: Math, Machines and Wired Markets by David J. Leinweber. As I understand it, this book is something of a history of how quantitative trading has developed on Wall Street and throughout the financial markets. The Amazon reviews are mostly good, though one reviewer really takes the book and the author to task for what he sees as short-comings. I don’t go into reading the book with any preconceptions, though.

Remember, I keep a running list of trading book reviews I have written here. Make sure to check it out, and feel free to suggest books not already covered.

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