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If You Haven’t Already…

I strongly advise you to check out the 90-minute seminar John Murphy did entitled Applying Technical Methods in Today’s Trading and the Market Wizards Insights seminar videos available here. They are only available for a limited time, and I’m pretty sure that time is running short, so make sure to give them a look right away (no cost).

John Murphy is author of Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, widely considered the bible of technical analysis. He was highly respected during his years working on television in the early days of CNBC, especially being the main pioneer of inter-market analysis, and continues that work today as the Chief Technical Analyst for I personally consider him one of the best in the business and remember eagerly awaiting his segments when I was a young trader and analyst.

The market wizards video features Jack Schwager, author of two books I always recommend to traders: Market Wizards and The New Market Wizards. Both offer a lot of great information and advice, and are extremely motivational as well. Jack periodically does seminars on the subject of the lessons to be learned from the Wizards. I’ve had the opportunity to see them on a couple of occassions. Obviously, there’s a lot of overlapping content from the books, but it’s more than that. Jack is a very good speaker and in his seminars he presents in a really accessible way the lessons and themes he’s learned from the traders and money managers he sat down with.

I can’t be more positive in my recommendation that you check out these two seminar recordings if you haven’t already done so. You will learn something.

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