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5 Things to Do Before Trading

I came across a post on another blog which outlines the 5 things to do before investing in stocks. For the most part they are pretty equally applicable to getting started in trading, in stocks or otherwise. Here they are.

  1. Understand your personal financial situation
  2. Understand diversification
  3. Select the right portfolio holder for you
  4. Do all the research necessary
  5. Realize that it will be a bumpy ride

Let me address them individually.

Understand your financial situation
I would actually say “financial and life” here.  Trading is part of your life, not sepeate from it. That is something you need to take into serious consideration. There is the obvious decision about how much money you can put to work in the market. On top of that you also have to think about how much time you can commit.

Understand diversification
For traders this is a bit different than for investors. Diversification in investing is attempting to keep from having all of your money negatively impacted by one set of circumstances, like a downturn in a certain sector. Because traders are in and out of positions relatively frequently, this isn’t as much of an issue. Diversification in trading is more about making sure you have sufficient trading opportunities. Generally speaking, the longer your trading timeframe the more markets and/or securities you need to play.

Select the right portfolio holder
In investing this can mean any number of things from brokers to mutual fund companies to DRIP managers. There are a number of considerations involved there. In trading it really comes down to just the broker. You need to find a broker that suits your specific needs and with which you feel comfortable. By all means seek information and feedback, but in this end this is a decision that only you can make.

Do all the research necessary
Trading is not something you can just jump into and expect to do well. It’s pretty much like any other activity worth pursuing. It takes time to get good at trading. It takes work and study and practice. At times trading will be frustrating and in the beginning it can most definitely be overwhelming with all the different markets, instruments, and ways to trade them. Realize going in that you’re going to have to put forth considerable time and effort.

Realize that it will be a bumpy ride
This one pretty much speaks for itself. There have been all kinds of adjectives used to describe trading and dozens of metaphors applied to it. While it may not make things better, going into trading with the realization that there are going to be any number of ups and downs can help make riding them out a bit easier.

Now I’m not going to say these are the five things to do before trading, but they are among the things you should do before taking the plunge.

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