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Can you tell me where I can find free forex charts?

Here’s a pretty straightforward question I received from a forex trader over the weekend.
I couldn’t find a free charting service for forex. Can you enlighten me. I only trade forex.
The first thing I would say on this subject is that the vast majority of retail forex brokers these days offer free charting as part of their trading platforms. Most of them are pretty useful. Obviously, some are better than others, or have features which some traders like more than others.
The one frustration for me has been the fact that many of these platforms will only go up to daily charts. I happen to do quite a bit of position oriented trading, so I want weekly charts – and sometimes monthly.
Something a lot of traders use if they are unhappy with the charts their broker provides (or they don’t get any at all) is MetaTrader. This is a charting, system, and trading platform that can be linked in for direct (even automatic) trading through a number of brokers. I do not myself use MetaTrader because I simply don’t need it.A great many folks do, however. (Note: This is not related at all to MetaStock)
If you use another free charting package (or want to share your thoughts on MT), feel free to leave a comment.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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