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Can You Beat the Market?

UpDownHow are your stock picking skills? Do you think you can beat the S&P 500? If so, you’ll want to check out a new site I came across – UpDown. I’ve actually signed up and started making stock picks.

Now you might be wondering why someone like myself would take part in a virtual investing type of program. Well, firstly I’m interested in the basic experiment the site is founded upon. The owners are looking to use it as a way to generate a strategy to run a hedge fund. They pretty much think that if they model the trades done by site members who have proven themselves consistently able to beat the S&P 500, then the fund would do the same. Definitely an interesting experiment.

I also see UpDown as a place where I can test out different strategy ideas and interact with market participants.

Oh, and members can make money – real money, not virtual money. How? By beating the market and/or by providing quality analysis of stocks to the community.

Got your attention now? 🙂

Thought so. Give UpDown a look. There’s no charge of any kind.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading