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Trader’s Wish List – Eighth Installment

Here is installment #8 of my list of gift recommendations, for yourself or that special trader in your life.

One more collection of trading and financial markets fiction!

There are several good books I’ve read that have the markets as their fulcrum. That is not to say the story is all about trading, because frankly that sort of thing would probably put most people to sleep.

Instead, these books wrap action and suspense around characters who have trading as their vocation. Basically, through the markets they get in to trouble. 🙂

They include:

The Day Trader by Stephen Frey

Nest of Vipers by Linda Davies

Free to Trade by Michael Ridpath

The Velocity of Money by Stephen Rhodes

All of these books are currently available in paperback editions, so they won’t cost you much at all.

I don’t claim this to be a complete list of good financial fiction by any means. These are just a handful of books I have personally read and enjoyed. Of the lot I think I would probably rate Nest of Vipers highest, but obviously that is clearly subjective.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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