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The Trader’s Wish List – First Installment

I present the first installment of my updated Trader’s Wish List.

Today the feature items are the books by Brett Steenbarger.

Enhancing Trader PerformanceBrett’s first book was The Psychology of Trading. To my mind there is no better text on how your mind works while your trading and the implications that has on your performance.

Brett’s second book, which came out last year, is Enhancing Trader Performance. This one takes a closer look at how traders develop from newbie up through the stages to expert. There is a bit of overlap with the first book, but not too much (read my review here).

Brett is a prolific writer, to say the least. I encourage you to read any article of his that you find in magazines or on websites. Also, be sure to be regular reader of his TraderFeed blog, and his other resource site

Check back tomorrow for the next entry.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading

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