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Fundamental trading book recommendation

Last night I hosted a live call featuring guest speaker Jeoff Hall of IFR Markets. The focus of the discussion was the US economy and monetary policy. Jeoff took everyone through the important elements of analyzing economic grow and inflation, as well as anticipating Federal Reserve action. Along the way, he also shared his personal view on the current state of the US economy as well as where he sees it going based on more than a decade of experience.

Jeoff shared with everyone on the call a book he recommends to gain a better understanding of the various economic data releases and their importants to the markets. That book is Trading the Fundamentals: The Trader’s Guide to Interpreting Economic Indicators and Monetary Policy by Micahel P. Niemira and Gerald F. Zukowski.

I haven’t read the book myself, but I definitely trust Jeoff’s judgement. If he says it’s a worthwhile read for someone looking to understand fundamental analysis, then it’s worth picking up. There are only a couple of reviews on Amazon, but they are very positive. Whether you look at the markets fundamentally, or just would like to understand the impact of data releases and interest rate policy decisions, this would seem a valuable addition to your library.

By John

Author of The Essentials of Trading